Express to Middle East; Your Unique Choice.

Express to the Middle East, GDA is your Priority Option.
The first mighty global scale;
The best clearance capability;
The most concentrated networks.

• The Exclusive Option without Alternative.

USA Expresses don't longer monopolize the limelight about the lofty sentiments of speeding on the deserts. In the air of the Middle East, only GDA  can open your shipments thoroughfare without obstruction; accessible to public. When other Express Companies still didnˇt set foot in the Middle East districts, GDA had subsoiled here over 22 years; no matter if Marine, Air Cargo, Air Express, Logistics Transportation, GDA had built the best brand among the Middle East & the marginal countries. It's not only the most forceful enterprise groups, also none of USA Express Systems can compete with. In the Middle East, we are the Exclusive Option without Alternative.

• Professional Capability with Positive Affirmation.

GDA experts in Express to the Middle East; can assist you handle any documents and packages. Through GDA Taiwan System, we arrange the daily direct flight to Dubai-U.A.E.(DXB HUB) and transfer all shipments to the neighborhood countries. Your shipments would own the superior clearance speed and delivery quality; consequently, they can arrive at your client's hands quite earlier than others without any doubts.

• Firsthand Experiences to win your Trusts.

For sure, to use GDA Express, you can personally realize the following hospitality: . The Proper Tariff to own the Best Service Spirits & Speed. . The Daily Flight schedules direct to Dubai-U.A.E.; it can swiftly finish the shipments' delivery without complicate transit routes. . None USA Merchants stocks, it can reduce any political interference; so we own speedy clearance & delivery quality. . GDA definitely is genuine as the Champion in the Middle East Express and is worthy of your trust.

• If

If you are already our faithful customers, please continue to support us. We sincerely thanks for your cherish. If you still didn't start to develop the Middle East Fields, please kindly help us share the valuable information to those who are in need of.

If you intend to cultivate the Middle East Markets, please let us take an oar to lead you apporach the precious paradise. If you have involved in the Middle East area, but still never used our service; please do offer GDA an opportunity to reveal our superior teams works.

GDA TAIWAN Service Centers:

Taipei      886 2 87973829     Taichung    886 4 2250 3388     Tainan        886 6 242 0206
Taoyuan  886 3 312 1299       Chia Yi        886 5 264 8711              Kaohsiung   886 7 536 5257
Hsinchu   886 3 656 2555        Hsinyin  886 6 659 1878