The Global Distribution Alliance(YCS) is a group of over 40 leading logistics and transportation providers. With operations in more than 240 countries throughout the world, the YCS is strategically positioned to provide swift and reliable global transportation solutions. Each individual member of the alliance provides an extensive coverage and in depth expertise in a different region of the world. Together, the members provide total world coverage with thorough local knowledge, ensuring an exceptional service in every corner of the globe.

YCS functions with unified organizational and operational procedures and quality standards. The objective of the alliance is to connect national express Service providers with one another in a cohesive solid network, enabling them to provide their customers with global delivery and distribution services of express shipments with the highest quality standards.

The combined annual revenues of the companies that make up the YCS is approximately 7.5 billion USD, with over 12,000 offices worldwide, more than 66,000 employees, an excess of 33,000 vehicles and annual International Express shipment volume of around 4.1 million shipments, totaling around 9 million kilograms.

YCS offers comprehensive tracking facilities, utilizing state of the art tracking and tracing capabilities, allowing alliance members, agents and customers to track and trace their shipments anywhere in the world with the click of a button.

Equipped with leading edge technology, high quality controls and service standards, YCS offers its customersworldwidethe opportunity to experience transportation solutions that are dependable and effective.

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